13 Reasons Why Crossfit Is The Greatest Fitness Brand Ever Created

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Crossfit is a love it or hate it brand. It is viewed as cultish but it has to be said for a new brand on the circuit it has a loyal following. It started in 2000 and literally has exploded with $100m revenue, 10,000 locations and millions of athletes. Here are 13 reasons why Crossfit is the greatest fitness brand ever created:

13. Spokespeople

When you create a brand you want great brand ambassadors. Check out the male and female poster kids of this brand. Tell me that isn't how you want to look.


12. It has created its own championships

When you want to own the world series you need to create it. Athletes compete to be the fitness people alive in a gruelling combination of events. The athletes don't know what each games will bring so they can't train to be awesome at one thing they have to be all rounders. 

11. It has its own brand merchandise 

Reebok are supporting the Crossfit brand and official kit. They have developed gym gear and trainers specifically for Crossfitters. Amateurs can wear the same gear as their heroes. 

10. It has trademarked slogans

These slogans make the hairs on your neck stand up If you are into fitness how can you ignore the following slogans. Fittest on Earth(TM) The Sport of Fitness (TM) Forging Elite Fitness (TM).

9. They have their own secret language

If you go to a Crossfit Box (gym) you are an athlete (member). You work with a coach and go through a work out that can include EMOM warm ups, (every minute on the minute), AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) with rope climbs, pull ups, toes to bar. The WOD or Metcon is how you finish the workout a killer combination of moves that are named after chicks and heroes.

8. WODs are named after girls 

Crossfit have named their workouts after girls or old girlfriends that hurt you and heroes. Meet the girls. 

7. They have their own diet

Paleo is a mega trend in my opinion this has developed from Crossfit's endorsement of this way of eating. Protein and veg. The only carbs you can eat are broccoli! 

6. They're a franchise

Crossfit boxes are popping up everywhere. This allows a standard of training to be created. Coaches do exams, pay fees to be a franchise. Essentially a box is just that - a box full of weights, racks and ropes, great coaches and ambitious athletes. there is one in your neighbourhood.

5. They have a loyal following thats exploding

To create a brand you need some loyal supporters. With every amateur athlete wanting to be the next Rich Froning, wearing the gear and essentially doing the same workouts as the pros all be it with different weights and times. Everyone is welcome at Crossfit. 

4. It's addictive

The key to building value in a brand is to make something that people can get hooked on.

3. The before and after pictures 

Any good fitness brand needs to prove it works. I am a sucker for before and after shots as they sell the current status and the dream of those looking for a silver bullet. 

2. Their video marketing on YouTube channel is inspiring 

1. Its fucking bad ass

Get yourself to a box and be thought how to lift like an olympian, climb ropes, chin ups and do handstands. They will all come in handy at the office christmas party!

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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group