21 Things That People Do In Every Office In The World That Are Super Annoying


There are millions of offices around the world but no matter how many places you visit you’ll always see the same sort of people. Us humans are fairly predictable in the way we go about our business and we are pretty sure you’ll recognise at least 10 of the people in this list…

1.The Person Constantly Suppressing Giggles From Their Google Chat

2.The Person Working Out Their Notice Who Just Doesn’t Want To Be There

3.The Smug Faced Person Who Started Super Early And Is Going Home Way Before You

4.The Feeder

5.The Person Who Comes In Late And Needs To Tell Everybody The Story About Why They Were Late

6.The Wanker Who Asks You 5 Minutes After They Sent It If “You’ve Seen Their Email”

7.The Boss Who Is Clearly Doing Jack Shit While You Work Your Ass Off

8.The Person Who Is Unecessarily Loud On The Phone

9.The Complete Tech Luddite Who Can’t Even Work The Printer

10.The Smugly Efficient Person Who Has All Their Work Finished Early And Always Offers To Help Others

11.The Person Always Looking For Money For Birthday And Leaving Gifts Even Though You Are Broke

12.The Smoker Who Gets Like Ten Times More Breaks A Day Than You!

13.The Not Very Smart Person Who Is Loud And Wants To Tell Everybody They Are A Genius

14.The Ridiculously Quiet Person Who Is Just A Brilliant Worker And All Round Sound Person

15.The Couple Who Are Clearly Going To Get It On At The Next Office Party And Won’t Stop Flirting In Work

16.The Gossip Who Know Every Single Thing That Is Happening In The Office

17.The New Hire Who Is Totally Gung Ho But Who Everyone Knows Will Fail

18.The Office Creep

19.The Long Termer Who Has Been There For Years And Knows More Than Everybody Put Together And Basically Runs The Place

20.The Stress Head Who Freaks Out No Matter How Small The Problem

21.The Messy Shitter. You Are Not Quite Sure Who It Is But You Have A Very Good Idea

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