PICS: Instagram Has Changed Its Logo And Redesigned The Entire App

And people are losing their shit

Generally speaking people don't really love change, and that's especially true when it comes to their social networks. 

Instagram has users up in arms today after rolling out a complete overhaul of its brand, design, and – though limited – the functionality of the app itself. 

As you can see, the logo is starkly different from the very dated one they've been using for the last five years... see for yourself

Here's the new logo...

Screen Shot 2016 05 11 At 16 07 55

And the new profile and compose screens...


... versus the old


People are going nuts about the redesign, but this happens all the time – from Facebook changing its newsfeed to Airbnb launching a logo that many said resembled genitalia (which is not exactly ideal). 

I actually like it and think it's a great update. Not everyone agrees, though...

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