This Brilliant Portable Stand Up Desk Could Be Your Future Work Set Up

This ticks so many boxes


We all know that sitting at a desk all day hunched over a laptop is bad for us. Sore backs, stiff necks and aches all over confirm it on a daily basis, which means it's no surprise that the stand up desk has started to become more popular in recent years.

The only problem with standing desking it is that they are usually super expensive and very static in nature. That's why this new creation from a group of designers on Kickstarter is just so perfect.

LEVIT8 is a portable stand up desk that you can carry with you anywhere, which aims to get the body moving again and avoid you sitting in the same place. It's one of those ideas that are so simple and smart you wonder how it hasn't been done properly before.

They smashed their fundraising goal within 2 days so this will be hitting the market soon.


See the portable stand up desk in action here

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