You Can Now Install Your Own 'IMAX' Private Cinema In Your Own Home

Talk about living the dream

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Are you seriously into your movies but can't be bothered going to the cinema? Well the well known movie brand IMAX are now offering you the opportunity to install your own private theatre at home.

The set up includes state-of-the-art dual 4K projection systems, a proprietary laser-aligned sound system, and a floor-to-ceiling, as well as a wall-to-wall, 10 foot screen.

The system also comes with a full media system allowing you to play games, Blu Ray and even standard television, with enough seats for you and 18 of your friends. 

The snag? You'll need €400,000 to get the entry level version. Check it out below.

Screen Shot 2016 07 05 At 07 24 45
Screen Shot 2016 07 05 At 07 24 56
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We can but dream about getting one of these. Full details about the IMAX set up here.

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