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20th Dec 2016

The 12 Very Best Reaction Tweets To Planet Earth 2 Last Night


So, it seems the world and its mother is as addicted to Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2 – but hey, you don’t see us complaining. 

The iconic television is as beautifully shot as it is epically narrated, and as well as both of those, it’s a bit gas too. 

Check out what everybody else thought of the sensational viewing – and do yourself a favour and get involved next time. 

1. This handy chart highlighting how many scares-per-minute you should expect

2. Living in hope

3. Hup giraffes!

4. ’cause dancing’s important too

5. Mole love

6. Go, tiny creatures, go!

7. Issues

8. Right, right?!

9. Real talk

10. Movie stars

11. Pretty much

12. And finally, moral compass vs tiny baby animals

Buzzing for next week!

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