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13th Sep 2022

The Airport Fall – man slipping on ice 2.0 or staged event?

Fiona Frawley

a newsreader speaking to camera at Dublin Airport with a man falling in the background

The jury’s out.

In the same way you’re never more than 6ft away from a rat in Dublin City, an Irish person is never more than one daydream away from replaying the critically acclaimed 2010 scene, The Man Who Slipped on the Ice in their heads. It’s inherent to our national identity. It’s the bane of our existence, and the object of all of our desires. You get the gist.

So, when we saw this clip circulating yesterday, accompanied by claims that this could be the new man slipping on the ice, we naturally had our guard up. Not just anyone can come and take our anonymous king’s crown.

Incase you haven’t seen the video in question, here it is in all its glory:

Worthy of modest viral circulation? Yes. Capable of giving TMWSOTI a run for his money? No.

While the video warrants a replay, and maybe even a share to the family Whatsapp group if you’re feeling generous, the general consensus is that this neon nosedive was probably done for a dare. Executed beautifully, nonetheless, and the commitment is commendable. Particularly the stunt double-esque tumble off camera at the end – a true professional. The only way it could be improved is if he’d accidentally fallen before reaching the spot he’d planned to fall at, or tried to trip himself up and somehow not managed it. We need genuine, unplanned clumsiness for it to be deemed worthy of Reeling in the Years fame.

An artist prepares. 

The execution. 

The recovery. 

Still though, it gave us something to talk about on a Monday, and we hope the falling man was bought a €9 airport pint by whoever put him up to it afterwards.

Header image via Twitter/LindyMean

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