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20th Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 19

Fiona Frawley

Last night we saw Danny and Lucinda’s coupling curdle away quicker than those cream pies in the Majorca sun.

And we love to see it, tbqh. His threatening, unblinking eyes burning a hole into Aaron under those plucked-within-an-inch-of-their-life brows and Lucinda’s obsession with the word ‘really?’ have gotten enough airtime, thank you very much.

The episode started off with the announcement that the hideaway was open for the night, and Toby and Chloe were chosen to go in. A lil confidence boost for Popular Boy At His Secondary School Toby, who’s been nursing his wounds for the last few days after hearing the public wanted himself and Chloe gone. They headed in looking like they were both off to respective stag and hen dos, with Chloe seeming inexplicably locked as per.

After the obligatory iced coffee ceremony the next day, we got into Snog, Marry, Pie. It looked in the preview like it would cause some upset among stronger couples like Lib and Jake, but apart from Danny and Lucinda most of them seemed to make it out unscathed. The juiciest nugget of drama was Danny pie-ing Lucinda, and Lucinda and Aaron waring the face off each other twice.

That evening, Lucinda confided in Aaron that she’d be ending things with Danny. What followed was one of the most bizarre scenes of reality tv we’ve seen in some time.

Danny, obviously knowing Lucinda was grabbing him to end things, decided HE was actually ending things, because he makes her coffee every morning (… he’s been in there one day) and she doesn’t say hello or ask him how he’s doing. He’s right, she’s not interested. In Danny or Aaron probably, she wants the PLT deal and we want the drama so I guess it works for everyone. They both agreed that they bring out a bad, serious side of one another, Danny told Lucinda he only kissed AJ in the challenge to see if it’d make her jealous (we’re making duvet covers out of red flags at this stage), and the conversation ended with a lukewarm lamborghini analogy and neither of them really saying anything definite or of much substance. This didn’t stop Lucinda hot tailing it over to Aaron and telling him it was her who ended it though, obvs.

Lucinda and Aaron quickly got down to what looked like a ‘who can open their mouth wider’ challenge, and Danny slithered over to AJ, referencing apparent ‘looks’ they give to each other when everyone’s together in a group and saying he kissed her in the challenge because he was interested, after just saying he did it to make Lucinda jealous.

If they did get together, it makes no odds to anyone really. Hugo could get back to enjoying his holiday and Danny could, god willing, be swiftly dumped. As we know the public vote opened last night, asking viewers to pick their fave boys/girls. It couldn’t come at a better time, Danny is giving Ted Bundy vibes and it’s time to get him out of there. We’ll see how we go tonight.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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