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23rd Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 22

Fiona Frawley

Well now… that was one for the books.

Who would have thought old boy Hugo had it in him? Honestly, probably a few of us on the outside. It’s hard to buy the whole “nicest boy in the villa” thing after what we saw with Dr Alex in season 4, they get a god complex and end up screwing over the girls that like them in a weirder, more twisted way than the lads cast as “villain” in there.

Let’s rewind for the sake of consistency. While Jake and Chloe were chatting on the day beds (last person I’d look to in my time of crisis but go off Chloe), Abigail pulled Toby for a chat and conveniently her heels were too high, so she needed to link onto him. She’s basically pissing all over him, he’s so gormless he just heads along for the ride, and we’re sitting at home absolutely lapping up the drama.

Truly, Abigail understood the assignment as bombshell. I would assume she’s not actually that into Toby (it’d be hard to be as he is literally 8 years old), but knows that of all the couples to break up in there, the public would probably appreciate her targeting Chloby the most. She plays right into this in the beach hut, regularly alluding to the fact that Chloe doesn’t have a leg to stand on as she did the exact same thing to Kaz. Not that I’m a Chloe fan in any way but I will just politely mention that Chloe was at a very different stage with Toby than Kaz was – even though Toby said he was ‘all in’ with Kaz, literally all of his actions indicated otherwise and let’s be honest, we’re absolutely delighted she got away from him anyway. Chloe and Toby were very much a couple, they’re affectionate with each other and if I am correct in my code cracking of the bizarre sports and GSCE metaphors going on in there, they’ve done more than kissing. When you’re at that stage with someone, you don’t simply “start getting to know someone else” while continuing the relationship. But, as we’re reminded so often, Toby has never been in a relationship (I’m starting to think he’s never even had a friendship based on the way he’s carrying on), and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.

All he knows is someone new and shiny has come in, and they’re paying attention to him. He also could be thinking this could enhance his popularity – he knows the public don’t like himself and Chloe as a couple and it’s clearly an issue for him, it probably was the initial cause for these cracks in their relationship. Basically put, he’s a small child. He gets upset when people don’t like him, he wants someone else to make his decisions so he can’t be held responsible and he loves attention from anyone new. It has to be said though, the way he managed to twist everything to make it seem like Chloe’s fault was not all that childlike.

Okay, onto better news. Kaz and Tyler’s relationship is blossoming, and as hard as it is to trust someone who comes in late and goes gung ho for the person most loved by the public and has been unlucky in love so far, we want to believe it so bad. They had a cute chat during which Tyler assured her he was all in, and in the event that someone walked in and turned his head, he’d be up front and honest with her straight away. They then engaged in some tantalising foreplay in the form of Tyler untangling her earring, with all of us at home screaming from our sofas, “KISS HER YOU FOOL!” They eventually stood up and shared a lovely smooch while World War Three kicked off down below, and we loved it. Also, shout out to Kaz and Aaron sitting back and absolutely loving the drama unfolding between Chloe/Toby/Abigail, giving off the vibes of the two old men in the muppets who sit on the balcony and laugh at everything going on around them. We stan.

Now, unfortunately, back to Chloe. We saw her with Hugo on the daybed, setting up for us that he’d be picking her in the recoupling rather than Georgia, who’d literally been sculpted by the natural leggy blonde gods, packaged up and sent into him. I’m so deeply over him, but also was obsessed with the drama he brought about later that evening.

During the recoupling, everyone picked as we expected. Kaz finally got her man, Toby went for Abigail, and when it was down to Georgia and Chloe, Hugo decided it was time to unleash the chaos.

This speech truly was one of the finest moments in reality television history. You’d have to wonder what gives Hugo the authority to carry on like he’s the guardian angel of wronged women when he’s sent packing literally any girl who showed him any interest. And also, the whole thing was quite tacky when Georgia, who’d openly admitted she liked him, was now stood in front of everyone knowing she’d be going home.

Either way, this moment will no doubt provide enough fallout to keep us entertained for the next week or two, so for that we’re grateful.

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