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27th Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 25

Fiona Frawley

It’s time for us to brace ourselves for the potential of a clean sweep of recouplings.

After what we witnessed last night, no one is safe. Not even the Casa Amor girls who are interested in Hugo because let’s be honest, his kisses looked positively violent.

We started the episode with the boys finding out it was time to snake off to their new home. Teddy left his rings on Faye’s pillow, and Jake left Liberty an old t shirt he couldn’t be arsed to throw in the wash basket.

Now. The Casa Amor girls are always disproportionately hotter than the Casa Amor boys, but this is next level. And the OG boys didn’t waste a second diving in headfirst and encouraging each other to cheat – we’ll see Iain Stirling himself sleeping out on the day bed before any of them. Not only will they most likely all jump ship, they’ll sit there and tell us that’s probably what their girl back in the main villa would want them to do.

There is a possibility Jake will stay loyal. It’ll be because none of the new girls are interested in him of course, but he’ll stay loyal all the same. But Liam, breezing his way through that game of truth or dare like captain of the Leinster Schools Junior Cup team at his first night of Wezz? Scary.

While the boys are diligently depositing saliva samples into each new girl, back at the main villa they’re playing the tamest round of Never Ever Have I Ever in the games history.

We also saw the girls confiding in each other about their trust issues and fears of being cheated on while the boys sucked toes and engaged in three way shifts. The episode ended abruptly with no ~tOmOrRoW nIgHt~ preview, which I fear is an indication that all hell will break loose. It’s looking like it’ll be the same old story, the girls will have no interest in getting to know the Casa Amor boys, and then be shafted when their boys come back in new couples. Millie, if I was you I’d take this time to scale the villa walls and steal back your Sagittarius necklace, because I don’t think this is going to end well for you.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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