The basic B's guide to Love Island episode 26

By Fiona Frawley

July 28, 2021 at 10:02am


Some might say it's not healthy how severely I've been let down by Liam's actions.

Some could argue that I should let it go, it's a reality tv show and he's only known Millie a couple of weeks sure. All that may be true, but I was still shook by the audacity of what I witnessed last night.

We obviously all want a little bit of drama from Casa Amor, let's be real, we live for it. But we need at least one couple to root for. Before you start, it's NOT going to be Jiberty. Obviously we adore Lib with every fibre of our beings, but I cannot and will not ever get on board with Jake. His treatment of her is not excused by a magnetic bracelet he picked up in the markets in Majorca before he arrived in the villa.

At least we've got Teddy sleeping out on the giant egg chair, I do appreciate that but I wouldn't mind him throwing it out there that he misses Faye every once in a while. Pop on his 'I heart Faye' sandwich board from time to time? It'd mean a lot Teddy, I'm just saying.

After securing his spot in the villa by swearing he was all about Kaz, Tyler has now forgotten she exists and has leapt straight into bed with ~performer~ Amy. I'm wary of her, but I have to give massive props to how she completely pied off Hugo when he complimented her dress.

Sorry, I haven't been going chronologically. Let's take it back to the first heartbreak of the night. Liam grabbed Lillie for a chat, and even she was taken aback with the brazenness seeing as he'd been gushing about Millie Moo literally two days prior to this. He said he'd like to sleep in her bed, and I think the reason it's so upsetting is because he genuinely seems to have something good with Millie based on the little bit we see each evening, and he's throwing it away as soon as a petite blonde so much as blinks in his direction. Cut to us queueing Olivia Rodrigos entire discography and playing it on repeat for the foreseeable.

Back at the main villa, Millie seems acutely aware that Liam's not to be trusted. We don't know why she knows, she just knows. We just need to hope she acts accordingly.

After a night of the boys cosying up with whatever production runner in a blonde wig was closest to them and the girls all sleeping either outside or on the couch while the casa boys resembled an all boys school sleeping out for charity, the annual 'who can shift the person they fancy the quickest' game commenced.

For the boys it was nothing new as they'd spent the entire previous night waring the faces off the casa girls, but poor Liberty looked ready to send herself off to a nunnery after having to smooch Belfast hunk Matthew (I'm currently gunning for him to whisk away either Lib or Kaz, do your thing villa gods).

We saw Hugo mad moves Hammond attempting to graft Amy, and by graft I mean he requested she go through her entire PE and after school sports career chronologically.

The night ended with another extremely suggestive chat between Liam and Lillie. Somehow that made us even sadder, as it gave us a chance to see there's actually no chemistry or spark between them, so please what's the point of all this? Our torture may end soon, as the preview for tonight showed the main villa getting a bitta post, presumably evidence of the boys' shenanigans. Them being exposed in time for our girls to graft new boys and move on? We adore to see it.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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