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10th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 37

Fiona Frawley

It’s getting to the “when will we be released from this hell” stage of the series.

With that said, I’m obviously still glued to it and tweeting with gusto 6 nights a week.

We picked up last night where we left off – in the ‘vibes’ club with Abi, Mary, Kaz, Dale, Jake and Tyler all at risk of being sent home. The results were relatively predictable, but if you haven’t seen them yet now is your time to look away.

The islanders decided to send Abi and Dale home. I was a bit surprised by the Abi decision tbh, but in fairness it was boys choice and most of them probably low key fancy Mary.

Back at the villa, we found out that two new islanders would be coming into the villa – Priya and Aaron. Funnily enough, Priya could have been a good match for Hugo: a doctor, ~not fake~ and shite craic but he’s no longer with us and she went on dates with Matthew and Teddy instead. Her and Matthew instantly hit it off but no offence, their relationship can blossom somewhere other than on prime time tv. We’ve enough to be dealing with already and it pains me to say this about my fellow Irishman but no one should have to listen to a discussion about running and weights for that long.

Priya also went on a date with Teddy, but his head’s very clearly still with Faye. I know this isn’t a popular opinion at the moment, but I’m hoping those two can work it out. They’re both very clearly still into each other, yes Faye acted out of line but it’s clear she knows that and regrets it. And to be fair, if Teddy had said he was sorry for not mentioning his sexual attraction to Clarisse instead of repeatedly denying what was played for everyone on a 30 ft screen, could the conversation have gone down differently? Again, not condoning Faye’s behaviour at all – it’s not okay to shout like that and she shouldn’t have laughed so loudly when her clip with Sam played. But if Liam and Tyler have been allowed second chances, shouldn’t Faye be too?

We also saw new boy Aaron go on dates with Mary and Chloe. He and Mary seemed to hit it off, leaving viewers wondering why she was ready to scalp Abi for coupling up with Dale just a few short days ago.

Aaron and Chloe’s date had poor Toby’s head melted. Aaron plays for Wolverhampton, Toby plays for Hashtag – how can he compete? Luckily, Chloe had absolutely no interest (would you have any interest in someone who said you were ‘passing your prime’ as you were about to turn 26?) and it looks like she and Toby are well on the course to true love. I always knew those crazy kids would work it out.

The episode ended with Faye talking with Millie about the fact she knew she’d acted out of line with Teddy, but didn’t know if there was any coming back from it. Priya let Faye know that Teddy is still 100% interested in her, and based on the preview it looks like tonight will mostly be about them. I feel they’ll get back on track, whether that’s right or wrong, who knows.

We’ll see what the craic is tonight, and by the way I’m sorry there was no recap of the Jake and Liberty bracelet saga. I couldn’t be dealing.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island

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