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02nd Jul 2021

The Basic B’s Guide to Love Island episode 4

Fiona Frawley

After Shannon’s shock dumping the night before, it’s no shock the rest of the islanders are moving mad to find someone, anyone they fancy in the villa, in order to secure their place.

Liberty and Jake locked down their situation with a shift (cue us all on Twitter once again begging for the kissing sounds to be muted), and a fruity fart to follow.

However, Jake’s urge to be “one of the lads” was clearly too overwhelming for him once again, as later on in the episode he started telling Hugo he wasn’t sure he was actually attracted to Liberty, he doesn’t want to rip her clothes off etc etc. We were not amused.

We also saw Chloe and Aaron quickly realising they had no interest in being in a couple with each other, and deciding to move on to their separate respective conquests – Aaron with Sharon (which, at the very least will be fun to say if they carry on together) and Chloe with Brad. Aaron and Sharon had a cheeky kiss:

And Chloe came to realise that Brad has literally none of the “chat” he’s been referring to so much, and pretty much just spends every second of the day talking about himself. Class.

We also saw Faye and Hugo getting to know each other as the game of “I need to find someone on this island I remotely fancy” continued, and they seemed to be getting on fairly well. However, just in time to stop the girls complimenting these mediocre boys far, far too much (Sharon started offering to pay for dates and Faye told Hugo he has the “bone structure of a god… relax ladies) the islanders found out two new boys were coming in, and would be taking Sharon and Faye on dates.

We finally got to meet the infamous Chuggs (who it turns out Hugo already knows, no major surprise there when they have the two poshest names in England). We learned that Chuggs actually means “cuddles and hugs” which we didn’t see coming, and we also found out that Liam’s years as a brick layer have aged him prematurely.

He’s still a bit of a babe though and there was definitely a spark between him and Faye. He says he likes “older women”, which Faye being the big old age of 26 was happy to hear.

Sharon and Chuggs seemed to get on well as two people who probably voted for brexit should, but based on the preview for tonight, Chloe will be making moves on Chuggs too. There’ll be a recoupling tonight to round off a whirlwind of a week (a mediocre whirlwind at times but a whirlwind all the same), and presumably one lad will be dumped if what we saw with Shannon is anything to go by.

And that’s you all caught up! Peace out from myself and cuddle hugs.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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