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13th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island Episode 40

Fiona Frawley

Lady Liberty, could it be she’s finally seeing the light?

We started off the ep with Tyler revealing to the boys he wanted to do a romantic gesture for Kaz, and asking for their help. In a season where a Poundland bracelet and a love triangle between people who’ve been in the villa about three minutes collectively have gotten more screen time than Kyler, this content was welcome.

Cut to the Love, Actually theme tune playing softly in the background as Tyler defaced four good tea towels in the name of asking Kaz to be exclusive. Honestly, between this and Liam’s poem for Millie on kitchen roll, it’s a wonder Eason haven’t jumped on the spon opportunity and sent them in a few decent a4 pads. They’d clean up.

Kyler also got to put on their best togs and head into the hideawaty. Those crazy kids got off to a rocky start but look, happy for them. What I wasn’t happy for was Jake holding Liberty back and insisting they stand at the fire pit as if they were posing for a family Christmas card, waiting for Kaz and Tyler to come down to them by themselves so they could celebrate as the main characters of the Jake show. The cracks are showing. Well, they’ve been showing all season but they’re now visible from space.

Liberty obviously picked up on this, and the next day talked to Chloe about her uncertainties while Jake rattled on to Mary about how many kids he wanted. The outside world is waiting with baited breath for Lib to get the hell out of dodge. Come into the light girl.

Later on we saw the heart rate challenge, with an apparently very reduced wardrobe budget if the costumes were anything to go by. Poor Mary, she didn’t deserve that Bosco wig.

Not much else to say about the challenge because I’m currently working overtime to permanently erase that Viking costume from my memory. People’s hearts raced, some for their partners, some for others. I don’t know if it’s really a gauge of anything but look, it happened.

In tomorrow nights preview we saw Jake and Lib having a discussion about how their relationship hasn’t been feeling the same recently, with Jake obviously whipping out the ole “you’re my GULLfriend” line once more. It’d be a shock to see them finish this close to the final, but a welcome shock all the same.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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