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23rd Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 48

Fiona Frawley

We’re so close to sweet, sweet freedom.

We started off with the episode with everyone jumping in the pool to commemorate Jake and Lib, followed by Chloe and Toby heading off on their final date (an Easter egg hunt in the woods with plastic tiaras and teapots). They talked about how far they’d come, with wise old sage Toby saying he wouldn’t change a thing about their journey – not Kaz, Abi or Mary. They all taught him so much.

Next up were the reunions with the islanders families, starting off with Liam and Millie. Obviously, Liam’s parents look more like his siblings and his age will remain a mystery until the series ends, and Millie’s family admitted they cried during her piano recital. Probably with embarrassment, but they didn’t specify.

Next up were Faye and Teddy’s reunions, and we tentatively prepared for Faye’s sisters to punch her in the face and tell her to f*ck off as a hello – in line with the family banter she previously referenced. As for Teddy’s brothers, I mean how could they possibly respond when asked what they thought of the relationship? Presumably they’ll have a proper debrief with him when there aren’t 19 cameras and Faye’s watchful eyes on them, but for the televised reunion they just went as far as letting her know she behaved terribly, and telling Teddy they couldn’t possibly comment on the relationship when they only saw an hour of it each day.

After this we met Kaz and Tyler’s family and all quietly said a prayer we’d be invited to Tyler’s dads bbq. Tyler’s parents admitted they were screaming at the tv while Tyler was in Casa Amor (hopefully Clarisse takes a break from her ‘Tyler Would Have Picked Me On the Outside’ UK tour to take note), and all family members agreed they were a gorgeous couple.

Finally, Chloe and Toby were reunited with their families. Toby’s Mayo-born mother (we knew we liked him for a reason) and sister confirmed they loved Chloe even when Toby wasn’t with her, and Chloe’s mum called her iconic while her sister boldly asked the question on everyone’s lips – “how much sex do you need to have?”

So tomorrow we’ll see final speeches, winners crowned and this crazy rollercoaster will come to an end. Who are you hoping to see come out on top?

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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