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23rd Dec 2017

The Best Foods To Eat Before A Night On The Sauce


Christmas is quickly approaching, which means a LOT of partying is about to happen.

And while a few glasses of wine are a no-brainer over the holiday season, we can sometimes let our health go out the window. 

However, this list of the best foods to eat and drink before heading out on the town could be your lifesaver when it comes to staying hydrated and feeling (somewhat) healthy with a G&T in hand, according to

Eat a substantial meal before even touching a sip of alcohol to line your stomach. We’ve all been there; you skip dinner and a few drinks in you’re sneaking it over to the bathroom. 

Drink green tea throughout the day. Green tea is full of goodness that actually helps improves liver function, according to

Stock up on fat (the good kind). Avocado, salmon and nuts are prime examples of healthy fats that will help your stomach slow down the rate at which food leaves it. 

Water, water, and more water. Although this may be an obvious one, drinking a big glass of water before heading for the booze means that you will be less likely to get dehydrated as quickly. Add a bit of lemon to really help your liver out – our livers love lemon.

Speaking of livers, load up on liver-loving foods like kale, broccoli, cinnamon, beetroot and avocado. 

And last but not least, if you don’t manage to get some grub into you before heading out, order some olives and nuts at the bar to keep you going. 

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