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19th Nov 2019

The Definitive Ranking Of ‘Derry Girls’ Characters

Brian Dillon

Derry Girls is easily my favourite show to ever come out of Ireland. It’s hilarious and touching and the cast is fantastic.

After two amazing seasons, we’ve really gotten to know and grown to love each and every character. So here is the definitive ranking of Derry Girls characters from least entertaining to most.

11. Gerry

Poor Gerry gets an awful time. While I think he is a hugely important part of the cast, we just don’t see enough of him to give him a higher ranking on the list. Sorry, Gerry.

Favourite moment: Anytime he gets abused by Joe

10. Ma

Again, she is one of the lesser shown characters in the show, but she is fab all the same. Out of such a funny lineup of characters, it’s hard to but someone near the bottom of the list.

Favourite moment: Any time she tells Erin to ‘catch yourself on’.

9. Jenny Joyce

She’s one we love to hate, but she is portrayed so excellently. There always needs to be some sort of enemy in any storyline, and Jenny Joyce is definitely that that enemy.

Favourite moment: Any time she sings.

8. Joe

Joe is a meanie, but a lovable meanie. He’s the grumpy old man everyone needs in their life.

Favourite moment: When he tried his hand at dating and it horribly backfired.

7. Michelle

Yet another lovable meanie. Although she can come across as too harsh sometimes, she is the straight-talking no-nonsense pal everyone needs to keep them in check. She gives poor James an awful time, but we know she loves him deep down.

Favourite moment: When she tried the tough-girl routine on the bus and it went horrendously wrong.

6. James

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ‘wee English fella’ when the series started, but by the end of the second season, I was such a James supporter. He takes all the abuse in his stride, plus I’m extremely jealous of his luscious curls.

Favourite moment: When he flipped out in the chipper because it was just “much too greasy”.

5. Aunt Sarah

What is frustrating about Aunt Sarah is that we don’t get to see enough of her. Aye, nightmare so it is.

Favourite moment: When she went to the photo store and ended up pulling a staff member.

4. Erin

Erin’s painful awkwardness and regular poor misjudgements are way too relatable.

Favourite moment: When she was way too cocky about her poetry writing skills.

3. Orla

I feel like we should all view the world through Orla’s eyes. She’s away with the fairies, and that’s where I want to be.

Favourite moment: Her Like A Prayer step-dance routine.

2. Sister Michael

What a badass. She doesn’t take any crap from the girls, and to be honest, I’m even kinda terrified of her.

Favourite moment: When she caught the girls sneaking off to Belfast to see Take That.

1. Claire

The ‘wee lesbian’ has to take the crown here. Her little, or maybe not so little, regular freak-outs are hilarious, and her coming out story actually turned out to be really touching and uplifting.

Favourite moment: When she had a pure meltdown after an all-night study session, exclaiming, ” We’re all so f***ed.”

Feature Image source: Channel 4