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04th Nov 2021

The Disney Christmas Advert is here and it’s all kinds of magical

Katy Thornton

Yes, it is only November, but we’ve waited long enough for all the Christmas action!

Disney makes us cry at the best of times (have you even seen Lilo & Stitch) but this Christmas advert entitled “The Stepdad” might just take the cake. It follows on from last year’s Christmas advert, focusing on the granddaughter Nicole, who’s now all grown up. She and her two children welcome Mike, her new partner and their new stepdad into their home for Christmas.

Cue a silky montage of heart-warming scenes as the new family begins making memories together. After a dreaded gingerbread house incident, Mike is near ready to give up the dream of a new family – but you know, this is Disney, so it wouldn’t make sense if he gave up so easily. Throughout the ad there’s also callbacks to some of our favourite Disney movies, including Frozen and Moana.

To make this all even more heartwarming, the ad is in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation – every download of the advert’s song “Love Runs Deeper” will include a donation to the charity.

Here’s to having that song stuck in our heads for the next few weeks – can I get a tissue?

Header image via Instagram/disney

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