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20th Oct 2021

The government announcement yesterday as told by TG4’s Twitter

Fiona Frawley

If you don’t already know that TG4 is one of the brightest stars in the Irish Twittersphere, it’s time to get to know.

They’re always ridiculously on the ball with a cheeky meme or stunning bit of commentary on pop culuture, as gaelige of course.

Obviously, yesterday’s government announcement had everyone talking. Twitter, as the kids say, was lit. But one account reigned supreme, picked up on the mood of the nation and effortlessly translated it into meme form. There’s been a running joke over the past few months about “the intern who runs the TG4 account” but seriously, if the person running this account is actually an intern, it’s time for a promotion. It’s one of life’s great mysteries and maybe we’ll never truly know their identity, but based on their body of work they’re a seasoned social media pro. And naturally, they nailed the commentary of Micheál’s announcement yesterday.

First off, the phenomenon of asking Richard Chambers to solve your life problems took on meme form:

Next, TG4 allowed us to indulge in our fantasy of returning to the sticky basement dancefloor where dreams come true.

We were all left to our own devices to figure out what this sentence meant. With comical results, obviously.

The moment the good news broke.

And finally, predictions for the weekend ahead.

They simply nail it every time. Hats off.

Header image via Twitter/TG4TV

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