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27th Oct 2017

The Internet Is Obsessed With Nadine Coyle’s Strange New Accent

Megan Cassidy

Nadine Coyle seems to have a habit of losing things. If it isn’t her passport, it’s her thick Derry accent. 

Earlier this year the Irish star gave us endless joy with her unique pronunciation of the word ‘flour’.

Now, the former Girls Aloud star managed to completely confuse the Loose Women panel (and the internet in general) yesterday when she gradually began phasing in an American twang. 

The 32-year-old has been living in Los Angeles for the past eight years and it seems it’s had an impact on her accent. 

Panelist Jane Moore remarked, “I can’t help but notice Nadine, you’re speaking with an accent…” 

She wasn’t the only one to notice a change

Speaking on the show, Nadine said: ‘It’s a very small town that I’m from, so it’s not a typical Irish accent that people hear when you hear a Dublin accent or a Belfast accent. That’s more familiar.

‘Whereas mine, where I’m from, is a smaller town and there’s really not a lot of people around talking with my accent.’ 

You can say that again. 

Watch the clip in all it’s glory below. 

Video via YouTube/Loose Women 

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