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13th Oct 2021

The new Home Alone trailer is here, and Aisling Bea’s accent has everyone talking

Fiona Frawley

Sure in fairness, no publicity is bad publicity.

Yesterday afternoon, the trailer dropped for the new Home Alone movie. The remake of the 1990s classic sees a family head off to Tokyo for Christmas leaving one little member behind. Chaos ensues. You know the story.

Some are excited for the reboot, others less so. But there was one question on the lips of pretty much every Irish Twitter user last night: what’s the craic with Aisling Bea’s English accent?

So you can make your own mind up, here’s the trailer:

And here’s a quick round up of the Twitter responses.

People were not best pleased. But in fairness, it’s Twitter. There’s usually someone on there not best pleased about something or other.

Aisling took to Instagram to respond to the backlash, breaking it down in the simplest way possible:

To everybody who has been wondering online why I have an English accent in the new Home Alone movie it’s because…. The character’s English.

I mean. Makes sense to be fair.

Later on, Aisling’s agent made an appearance (it definitely wasn’t her in a fake nose and glasses set, incase that’s what you were thinking), reassuring fans that if they’re missing the star’s Irish accent, there’s a place they can go:

If you would like to listen to Aisling speak in her own accent (the one what she were born with) I would encourage you to watch This Way Up Series 1 and 2.

So…. Is that a yes or no to a Home Alone movie night?

Header image via Instagram/weemissbea

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