WATCH: The People Of Doonbeg Are Absolutely Delighted That Donald Trump Was Elected

The village is now referring to themselves as 'Trump Town'

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According to local Clare Newspaper The Clare People, bookings in Doonbeg have gone way up since President-elect Donald Trump has gotten his way and become the most powerful man in the world. 

Naturally, this is because it's bringing a whole load of money into the town that was never there before. 

However, this isn't old news...

Immediately following the result, RTE presenter Colm Flynn went to Doonbeg to gauge the local reaction, and was met with loud cheers when he referred to the place as “Trump town.”


The locals are hoping that their town becomes the next Moneygall, and Trump can put them on the map. Do you think this is fair enough, or a prime example of monetary greed?

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