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23rd Sep 2021

The trailer for the new Britney vs Spears documentary has just dropped and we’re shook

Katy Thornton

No more secrets. No more silence.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, no scratch that, a massive boulder for the past few months you’ll know all about the legal battle between Britney Spears and her father Jamie Spears. The pop star has been in a conservatorship since 2008, meaning her father has essentially had complete control over her life, both personal and professional, for 13 years. In the last year we’ve seen podcasts, tv shows, interviews, and protests all to raise awareness on the situation. On September 28th, Netflix will release a new documentary Britney vs Spears.

The trailer dropped last night, with the promise of no more secrets, no more silence.

So what can we expect from the new documentary?

Possibly a lot, considering there are significant measures in place to end the conservatorship. Last month Jamie Spears finally agreed to step down as the conservator. This is a huge deal for Britney Spears, as her father will no longer have control over her finances.

The trailers begins with Britney saying, “I just want my life back.” It’s made clear that Britney has been silenced, and that she has no one to trust, “not mom, not dad.” It aims to delve into the reasons why Britney remained in a conservatorship for so long despite being “okay”. The trailer addresses the financial incentives in place that made it within Jamie Spears’ best interest to keep his daughter in the conservatorship.

A lawyer even says that he has represented many conservatees and not one of them has had a job. Within Britney’s conservatorship, she was forced to continue concerts, while having no control over the money she made from them.

The trailer suggests that a document in Britney’s case was leaked that sheds new light on the situation. Whatever happens, we just hope this truly is the end of Britney’s conservatorship.

Mark Tuesday 28th September in your calendars because you’re not going to want to miss this.

Header image via Instagram/netflix

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