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These Are The 'Little Things' That Piss People Off About Living In Ireland

By Sarah

July 26, 2017 at 8:40am


We can be a right cranky bunch it's fair to say, but have we good reason?

Sure, Ireland is in the majority of ways a modern and forward thinking country, but there's certainly a lot of ways it could change for the better. So when a Reddit user asked the simple but intriguing question of 'What little things piss you off about modern life in Ireland?'

Here's what make's Irish people's blood absolutely boil over.

The idea that being on the dole means I'm "taking your money"

"I worked 4 jobs one after the other before I fell on hard times. I paid my taxes, I still pay tax on things I buy. I'm sorry me needing to live counts as 'stealing your money'."

The Americanisation of Ireland

"Particularly when it comes to politics and media journalism"

The cost of housing

"That's Ireland in one sentence. I love it but can never stay for long."

Sugar, sugar in every fucking thing

"There's a lot more added sugar around here and a lot fewer regulations about making people aware of it."

Pass remarkables

"You're a pleb if you shop in Penneys. You're a snob if you shop literally anywhere that isn't Penneys"

People who complain about the queue in the supermarket

"We both know you've got nowhere to be."

The complaining

"No matter what happens we seem to find the negative in it."

The rise of lad culture

"Relevant to us it would be the mcgregor wannabes. You know the 'fuck you, I'm gonna be brash and rude but it's grand because I'm confident and don't give a fuck'."


"Country is fucking expensive to live in."

What things piss you off about living in Ireland? Let us know in the comments!

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