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04th Jan 2021

This chat between Jedward and Imelda May is exactly why we love Twitter

Rory Cashin

Because we all need a nice happy story to kick our week off with.

For most of the population, this is the first day back in work, first Monday of January. We had to get up out of bed, when it was still dark, still cold, and we’re likely still full of the remnants of selection boxes and the biscuits nobody else wanted.

We all need a little mood booster today, and we didn’t need to guess very long about where that pick-me-up would come from: Jedward.

Having provided a constant supply of LOLs via their Twitter account throughout 2020, they’re kicking our 2021 off on the right foot, thanks to this lovely interaction with fellow musical legend Imelda May.

It kicked off with the lads posting a video of Imelda May’s mother Madge, saying:

Imelda May’s wonderful Mother Madge who is living with Dementia still has a place in her heart for Jedward. It means the world that Imelda May captured this heart warming moment!”

Imelda responded: “You two are the kindest. Thank you so much.”, before saying that her mum turns 94 this February, to which Jedward responded:

We’ll definitely be there ASAP and for her 94th birthday!and sing from the window! Make her day!”

And with an offer like that, obviously Imelda had to take them up on it, saying:

“Oh she’d love to see you again. A few years back I bought her the most beautiful, soft, cashmere cardigan and a calendar of you two. She couldn’t care less about the cardigan and immediately put you up on the wall. ‘Lovely fellas. Good hearts.’ All the love back to you.”

The back-and-forth love between them both (as well as the awesome Madge) is exactly what our cold and dark Monday needed.

Main image via YouTube/The Late Late Show

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