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13th Sep 2021

This Derry queen will be a guest judge on the new season of Drag Race

Fiona Frawley

On September 23rd, a death-dropping, fan-thworping new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK will grace our screens.

And we’re overjoyed to hear that one of Ireland’s most iconic pop stars is set to take her rightful place on the judging panel.

Over the years, Nadine Coyle has become so much more than a singer for the people of Ireland. She’s a cultural icon, she’s part of our history. Whenever we hear the theme tune to Reeling in the Years, we’re low key praying it’ll be the the 2001 episode so we can relive this moment:

She dipped her toe into the reality tv pool once more with a stint on I’m a Celebrity in 2019, and now she’s back again. This time on a show with less insects, but the same amount of drama.

Nadine is the latest addition to an already gag worthy line up of guest judges, including Spice gal Emma Bunton and Little Mixer Leighanne Pinnock. What we’re taking from this is that we can expect a serious amount of girl band lip sync for your life’s throughout the competition, which you really and truly just love to see. The third season of Drag Race UK kicks off on the 23rd of September, and will be available to watch in Ireland on the BBC iPlayer (available via subscription, more info available on their website).

Header image via Instagram/dragraceukbbc

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