This Extremely Helpful App Helps You Find Buckfast No Matter Where You Are

By Alana Laverty

September 29, 2018 at 9:22am


Never be without your beloved Bucky again.

A new app called Find Me Bucky allows you to supercharge your hunt for a bottle 'o' Buckfast using advanced GPS technology.

Find your nearest retailer at home and abroad using the app:


“Over 1,000 stockists are listed globally with more being added every
day. From Belfast to the Bahamas, Ayia Napa to Ayr, London to Lanark, and from Scarborough to Sydney we’ve got you covered.

Spotted somewhere we haven’t included yet? No problem download the app and add the location yourself. The search feature lets you find and price Buckfast when abroad. With locations plotted in exotic locations like Australia, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Blackpool, Find Me Bucky will change the lives of Buckateers everywhere!”

Michael Onk, Wreck The Hoose Juice

It's literally that easy.

Now you've no excuse... Ever.

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