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29th Nov 2017

This Is How Much Profit Google Ireland Made Last Year

James Fenton

Newly-filed accounts for Google Ireland show that the company made a profit of €1.83bn in 2016, RTÉ is reporting. This is an increase of €889.4m on 2015.

The company’s turnover increased to €26.3bn, a €3.7bn rise on 2015. They also paid €163.8m in tax last year, up from €47.8m a year earlier.

Google’s Country Manager for Ireland Fionnuala Meehan said the upturn was largely down to an increase in advertising revenue: 

“2016 was a year of continued growth with global demand for our advertising products and services continuing to increase,” 

“The EMEA sales organisation here in Dublin is driving that growth across Europe and we continue to deliver value for our advertisers, publishers and partner networks.”

Google currently employs over 7,000 people at its Dublin office, a figure which is up 9pc on last year.

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