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08th Dec 2017

Apparently If Someone Says These Words It’s A Sign They Really Hate Your Present


After spending the run up to Christmas legging it around town looking for stocking fillers and special gifts, the last thing you expect is for someone to say they don’t like the present you just gave to them.

And that is probably the reason we naturally disguise our reaction to a bad gift with different phrases…

According to Metro, a new survey has revealed the most common things people say when they receive a gift they don’t like. 


The survey, carried out by Braun, surveyed more than 2,000 people, and found the same reactions popping up over and over again.

We’ve listen ten of the most common reactions, so you can figure out who is giving you an honest reaction, or keep them in mind for when it’s your turn to open your presents. 

  • ‘It’s lovely’
  • ‘This is really useful’
  • ‘Thanks so much – I nearly bought this for myself’
  • ‘What a lovely surprise’
  • ‘You shouldn’t have’
  • ‘This is so lovely and it’s great because it goes with everything’
  • ‘What an interesting gift’
  • ‘I love it – where did you get it?’ (so I can return it)
  • ‘It was so nice of you to think of me’
  • ‘Wow – I can’t believe how well you know my taste’

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