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09th Jun 2017

This Reddit Thread On What Exactly Makes Ireland Special Will Warm Your Heart


We might all want to pack our bags and jet off to Hawaii every now and again, but when it comes down to it I think we can all agree that Ireland is a pretty spectacular place in its own right.

One Reddit user asked people to say what makes Ireland so special to them, and the responses range from feckin hilarious to absolutely heartwarming.

Here’s what people had to say about our lovely little Ireland and why they think it’s special…

“Sure the craic is mighty”

“Big fucking bag of cans”

“Beautiful countryside, good people, so much history everywhere, and plenty of peace and quiet.”

“I even love the weather; sure, there’s a fair amount of rain and wind, but it’s never too hot, never bitterly cold, always humid, and I love how changeable it is; it’s different every time you look out the window. “

“The Irish sense of humour.”


And the sweetest one?…

“It’s special because it’s my home.” 

Aww. What makes Ireland special for you?

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