This Restaurant Is Offering Free Burgers For Life To Anyone Who Changes Their Name To 'Burger'

Drop that frying pan, you'll never have to cook again.

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Mr Burger, an Australian fast food chain, are offering a lifetime's supply of burgers to the first ten people to legally change their last name to 'Burger'.

Sorry, what?!

Yes my lovely burger-lovers: endless burgers.

You will be entitled to one burger a day, for the rest of your life, or until you change your name back to normal, or until you die. Whichever comes first. It might not take that long if you're surviving on burgers alone...

They make the process out to be very simple, and will even cover any costs involved in legally changing your name. 

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So fill out that form, change your name, buy a plane ticket and go gorge on delish burgers for the rest of your days. 

Happy ever after DOES exist. 

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