The Late Late Toy Show theme for 2023 has been revealed

By Anna Martin

November 24, 2023 at 12:41pm


The Toy Show night is here and at last, we have a theme!

This year the team behind the Toy Show’s Christmas magic went for an absolute classic.

Patrick Kielty announced that they decided to draw inspiration from the beloved Christmas flick, ‘Elf’.

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment on the set of tonight’s show he said: “Elf is an absolute Christmas classic and sitting down to watch it with all the family has become a big Christmas tradition in our house and I can’t wait to let Buddy and the elves loose in the Toy Show Workshop tonight.

“We’ve got some amazing kids, wonderful toys and lovely surprises coming your way. I really hope you have as much fun watching as we are going to have making it!”

Patrick won’t be doing things alone and will have loads of help from the children as well as a few very special guests to help out.


The host will be joined by Santa, Leon the Snowman, Papa Elf, and workshop elves to make the night as magical as possible.

The crew will travel through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, past the sea of twirly-swirly gumdrops, and journey through the Lincoln Tunnel for the most iconic night on Irish television.

The 52-year-old presenter from Dundrum, Co Down, will be hosting his very first Toy Show at 9.35 pm and to say he’s excited would be an understatement.

“It is definitely one of the reasons until you get very close to the show itself and you realise it’s probably the reason you shouldn’t have taken the job!” he says.

“But to be walking out tonight and hosting this show, it’s a big deal for me and a big deal for my family and I know it’s a big deal for everyone watching so definitely, 100% a reason for hosting the Late Late.”


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