You can apply to be in the Late Late Toy Show virtual audience - here's how

By Megan Cassidy

October 10, 2020 at 9:29am


They're the most coveted tickets of the year...

Rumour has it that not even Tubs himself can swing a ticket for a mate, such is the demand and exclusivity surrounding The Late Late Toy Show. 

Work will begin on the iconic show in just a few weeks, and RTÉ have issued a call out to wannabe audience members who wish to secure a 'Golden Ticket' to attend the event virtually.

The application form is on the RTÉ website now and would-be attendees are invited to answer questions such as 'If you had ONE CHRISTMAS WISH this year, what would it be and WHY?' (Hmm... I can think of one!)

Due to government guidelines in response to the Covid 19 pandemic, live audiences have not been possible for this season of The Late Late Show.

However, speaking to the RTÉ Guide, Ryan Tubridy shared that a quiet studio has its benefits.


He said: ‘Many of the guests we had on were actually proving to be better interviewees with no audience. Some guests are kind of introverted, if you like, where the audience freaks them out so no audience suits them.’

Deadline for applications to be in the virtual audience at this year's Toy Show is October 23... so you better hustle!

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