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04th Feb 2018

Five Easy Watching Rom-Com Series On Netflix To Snuggle Up To This Afternoon

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Jack Frost is nipping at those noses again and it’s time to spend a few evenings in wearing your cosiest dressing gown and fluffiest socks. On nights like these all you need is a good Netflix series, one that’s an easy watch.

There are a tonne of Rom-Coms on Netflix but we’ve found that some of them, if we’re being honest, are a bit boring and well… kind of shite. 

Here are some of the absolute best ones out right now. (We even found ourselves cancelling plans to continue watching them.)

1. Love 

This series follows the odd relationship between people-pleasing dork Gus and wild-child Mickey. It’s got a really honest, down-to-earth view on modern dating and falling in love, which is why we had to put it on the list. 

It’s a great watch and also has some hilarious scenes throughout. 

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2. Easy

Similarly to Love, this series explores the modern dating world. Each episode focuses on a different couple but they are all linked in some way and appear in other episodes. 

The show takes a look at the couples and scenarios you might not see too often, for example a married couple looking to spice things up by introducing another person to the bedroom. 

There are also some well-known faces that pop up here and there including Orlando Bloom, Emily Ratajkowski and Dave Franco.

Defo worth a watch!

3. Lovesick

When Dylan finds out he has a sexually transmitted disease he must contact every girl he has slept with over the years, which is quite a few. 

During this time he takes a look back on a lot of could-have-beens and some lucky misses. There is one girl however, that he just can’t get off his mind, too bad she’s his best friend.

The show is proper hilarious but also heartbreaking to watch, pure gold.

4. Grace And Frankie

This series is a great one because it focuses on your not so usual stage of dating in life – Post divorce. After finding out their husbands were in a relationship with one another, Grace and Frankie, both in their seventies, find themselves moving in together to flee their family homes. 

The show sees both women give the dating scene a go, which is an absolute treat to watch as they are both such characters. 

5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This is definitely one of the most out-there Netflix series we’ve seen, mostly because the characters tend to randomly break into song every now and then. 

The main character, Rebecca Bunch, is an absolute nutter too, so it’s kinda gas watching her screw things up for herself constantly. 

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