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30th Nov 2018

Amy Huberman’s Awkward Story About A Phone Call Is Just Like A Scene From ‘Finding Joy’

James Fenton

Amy Huberman has always been popular with Irish audiences so it was no surprise when her RTÉ series Finding Joy went down well when it first aired in Autumn. While Irish viewers were enamoured with Joy’s awkward charm, it seems the character is about to be exposed to a much wider audience.

The actress has told her Twitter followers that she was doing a phone interview with American station Acorn TV, who will begin airing Finding Joy Stateside in the near future. All well and good but, in true Joy style, Amy inadvertently made things a bit awkward during the chat.

She explains:

‘Just did an interview on the phone for Finding Joy starting in States on Acorn TV & she asked me where she was talking to me from & I said “From behind the couch coz my battery is dying & I unplugged the lamp at the wall there” & she said “No as in from Dublin?” and I said yes.”

Amy has never been shy about sharing gas stories from her life on her Twitter feed and her latest anecdote indicates that finding inspiration to place her character Joy into humiliating situations can’t be that difficult.

We’re looking forward to the next series already.

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