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New Watchers Of Friends Point Out THREE Plotholes That Nobody Noticed Before

By Darragh Berry

January 17, 2018 at 7:58pm


They've gotten us through hangovers, breakups and just all round rough days but it seems like for all the time we've spent watching Friends, we've actually let some pretty big plot holes pass by us.

According to the Mail Online, people who have started watching the show from scratch on Netflix have pointed out loopholes in the show not once, not twice but thrice.

Chandler and Rachel forgetting each other

In the first episode - when Rachel runs out on her fiancé on their wedding day - she goes to the coffee house and is introduced to Chandler as if she's never come across the lad before in her life.

When in fact, in flashbacks, she's met Chandler numerous times at family occasions in the Geller household and even attended college parties with him AND kissed him at one such party.


In the season nine - the episode where Ross punches a pole instead of Joey - he says that his birthday is in October but in season seven, he told Gunther that his birthday was in December.

There's also the minor fact that over the course of three seasons, Ross said that he was 29 claiming in the fifth season that he'd be divorced twice before turning 30.

Rachel also tells Gunther in the seventh season that her birthday is in May, having previously said she was an Aquarius (meaning a January or February birthday).

Rachel, was also the last of the gang to turn 30 but Joey has previously been described as the youngest.

Ross' lovers

When Ross' first marriage falls through, he states that Carol was his only ever sexual partner. However, in the seventh season, Ross accuses Chandler of sleeping with the cleaning lady in college but we discover that it was actually Ross who slept with her.

We feel like we've been living a lie the past few years.

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