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25th Oct 2018

WATCH: Everyone Was On About This ‘Peeking’ Moment In Last Night’s Debate

Darragh Berry

You’ll be happy to know that last night’s debate on Virgin Media Television was the last before the Presidential Election takes place on Friday.

Michael D Higgins was absent for Wednesday night’s debate but all other candidates were present and correct including Sean Gallagher.

It was a re-run basically of what had been discussed on the Prime Time show just the night previous.

Casey was questioned on his comments about the Travelling Community, Higgins’ absence was talked about once again and there was no stand out moment similar to the Irish speaking moment from the RTÉ one.

There was an obscure moment though that only a few people spotted. It occured when Liadh Ni Riada was speaking and Gavin Duffy had a sneak-peek at her notes just to keep on top of things…

Bunty Twuntingdon-McFuff, the ‘fake’ presidential candidate chimed in saying that Peter Casey had had a look just the night before too.

But nothing will compare to Michael D Higgins, giving the three dragons the middle finger on the RTÉ debate.

He literally flipped all three of them off in the slyest way possible.

We did not expect that of him.

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