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05th Nov 2018

This Is The One Famous Irish Person Gay Byrne Wants To Interview Before He Retires For Good

Darragh Berry

Gay Byrne has been flirting with the idea of getting back into radio.

RTÉ’s Lyric FM offered him to take his Sunday show backover following his sickness and although the legendary broadcaster was considering it, he got a firm no from his family.

And it’s probably for the best, considering just a few months previous, Byrne said that his biggest regret was the amount of time he spent working:

“I have great regrets. I have only brief memories. Thank God they were girls in so far as if they’d been boys it would have been very serious. I have only brief little snatches of memories of Crona and Suzy growing up around the place and I regret that.

“But generally speaking I regret now the amount of time I gave to [RTÉ]. It was an awful lot of time and I should have taken time to do other things and I had the opportunity to do other things but I was dedicated to the place.”

But if he was to do one last interview, he’s made it very clear about who he would like to throw questions at.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, Byrne said that he’d love to have a sit down with Comedian, now turned Broadcaster and Interview himself, Tommy Tiernan.

“For some time I wanted to have a chat with Tommy Tiernan, of whom I am inordinately fond, and have been for many years. Nothing special, just a catch-up, and a general commentary on life, and like all such things, it never happened.”

On one brief appearance with the comedian, Byrne “was able to tell Tommy how much I admired his good-humoured and engaging interviewing style on his TV show, and how highly I rated his piece every Sunday in this newspaper and generally speaking how his life was going well at this time.”

We’d love to see this interview happen, A Meaning Of Life featuring Tiernan and hosted by Byrne would be immense.

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