"What Happened To Gender Equality?" RTÉ Receives Complaints About New Six One Anchors

There were complaints about one of the anchor's hair

Six One Anchors

RTÉ have received complaints about the new Six One anchors, Keelin Shanley and Catríona Perry.

Since replacing Bryan Dobson and Sharon Ní Bheoláin, the state broadcaster has received 11 complaints about issues including gender equality and one of the presenter's hairstyles.

According to theIrish Sun, two viewers complained about the all-female lineup with one viewing asking, " is this the equality of the future?”

Another wrote, “we are appalled to see the shake-up of the presenters . . . we expect and accept change but what happened to men? What happened to gender equality.”

Two viewers weren't happy about the presenters' style asking them to stop interrupting people and interviewees.

One person even had an issue with one of the presenter's hairstyles asking them to, "“please cut the bit of her hair that is always in her eye”.

Not all feedback was negative, however, with some messages saying the new presenters were doing a "great job" and they were "professional".

The number of people watching the show has dipped slightly from 430,000 in January to March this year, compared to 433,000 for the same period in 2017 but the show has seen a 26% increase in 15-34 year- olds tuning in.

How do you think they're getting on?

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