The Happy Pear Among Host Of Irish Restaurants Featured In New Netflix Documentary

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We've always known how amazing Irish restaurants can be and soon millions of people worldwide will be able to see just what we mean from the comfort of their living rooms.

A new series of Somebody Feed Phil is landing on Netflix on July 6 and if you're not familar with the documentary here's what it's all about.

The show features Phil Rosenthal, creator of the much-loved sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, embarking on global food tours and one episode of the upcoming series will be set right here in Ireland.

Phil filmed here last year along with his parents (who are gas in the below trailer btw) and some friends who will also appear in the show. While here, the gang took in a whole host of Irish favourites including Brother Hubbard’s, Gallagher’s Boxy House, Guinness, Murphy’s Icecream, Deasy's in Clonakilty, Miyazaki in Cork and The Happy Pear, who tweeted the following post during filming last year.

Phil even had a full Irish cooked for him by Darina Allen so it's fair to say he made the most of his experience while here.

Check out the trailer below for a taster of what's coming up on July 6...

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