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16th Oct 2018

WATCH: Jamie Redknapp Tries Out Hurling And He’s Not One Bit Happy With D.J. Carey

James Fenton

What do you get if you cross one of Ireland’s greatest ever hurlers, a legendary English cricketer and a talented, if injury-prone, former Liverpool footballer? Bloody entertaining TV, that’s what.

The lads from Sky One’s flagship sports quiz/’top bantz’ show A League Of Their Own flew over to these shores to try their hand at the grand old game of hurling and despite having being under the tutelage of Kilkenny legend D.J Carey, things didn’t exactly go to plan.

While Freddie Flintoff takes to the sport a duck to water, Jamie Redknapp appears to need a bit more help. At one point he even lashes out at D.J for not teaching him properly. Steady on, Jamie. That’s a five-time All-Ireland champion you’re talking to.

D.J is well able for it though and absolutely burns Redknapp with a well-timed verbal broadside right at the end. The preview clip can be seen below but if you want the extended version, you’ll have to tune in to Sky One this Thursday night at 9pm.

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