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26th Oct 2018

A Love Island Christmas Special Is Reportedly On The Way


Just when we thought we had said goodbye to ‘Love Island’ for another year, it is being reported that there is a ‘Love Island’ Christmas special is on the cards.

Oh, joy.

There were rumours last year that a Christmas special was in the works, but it didn’t happen.

But it looks like we’re not getting away with that this year with producers looking to reunite this year’s cast for a party.

According to the Sun, “Bosses have been wanting to get the cast back together for a few years now but have finally been given the green light because of the success of this year’s show. They know exactly the kind of drama that viewers want to see and getting together the couples who have split will certainly make for tense viewing.”

A lot of the couples have broken up which means this reunion will probably be full of awkward hugs and conversations.

We admit, we’ll probably watch it.

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