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26th Oct 2018

PIC: Boxes Of Lyons Tea Have Been Spotted In This Massive US Netflix Show

Darragh Berry

Much like Saipan and the whole Keane v McCarthy debacle, a Lyons vs Barry’s discussion will break friendships and relationships.

You simply cannot be both.

If you like both, or buy Barry’s one week and Lyons the next, you’re nothing but a fraud.

Plain and simple.

But the huge Netflix show, Daredevil, has firmly put a stamp on what their favourite Irish tea is.

This was snapped in an episode of the show and just look at all those boxes of tea.

Lyons Daredevil

Credit: Reddit ‘moggins’

Those boxes would last about a week max in any Irish household.

How do you like your tea, let us know in the comments.

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