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Nicky Byrne’s Story About Westlife’s Run-In With Liam Gallagher Is Exactly What You’d Expect

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Westlife made their long-awaited TV comeback on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night and it’s been met with serious praise online.

Fans were treated to a performance of their new single Hello My Love as well as a hilarious interview from the lads.

One stand-out moment in particular was Nicky Byrne telling the story of their run-in with Oasis’ Liam Gallagher back in the 90s.

He told Graham, “Basically we were a young band in 1998 and we just signed a record deal over here.

“We had flown into London and the label said to us, ‘There’s a brand new Tommy Hilfiger store opening, go along and try get papped, try get noticed.’

“And when we arrived there were superstars, Liz Hurley and Oasis were there and was ’98 so What’s The Story Morning Glory was out, their biggest album.

“So we thought we had to go over and say hello. So they were having a drink in a circle of people so me and one of the boys walked over and tipped them on the shoulder.

“Liam turned around and we said, ‘Liam we’re Louis Walsh’s new band,’ and he just went, “F*** off’. So we just f****d off.”

You can watch their full appearance for yourself here:

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