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18th Dec 2018

WATCH: RTÉ Prime Time Presenter Close To Bursting Out Laughing On Serious Matter Live On Air

Darragh Berry

RTÉ has had some famous bloopers in its back locker from the past but we don’t think we could call this a blooper.

But rather maybe a close-call.

As Miriam O’Callaghan addresses the audience about the latest on Brexit, her co-host, David McCullagh nearly loses it.

The twitching of the lips was enough to set us off laughing but somehow, he manages to pull it together.

If that was us, next thing the shoulders would have been going and there would have been no stopping us.

That ability to stop mid-smile is the height of professionalism by the RTÉ presenter.

And he even replied to the tweet in question in a light-hearted way answering “No sir, nothing funny sir, sorry sir.”

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