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27th Aug 2018

QUIZ: Can You Match The ‘Father Ted’ Quote With The Correct Character?


Since it first hit our television screens back in 1995, Father Ted has occupied a very special place in Irish people’s hearts.

Two of the comedians who made the show so beloved to legions of fans were Dermot Morgan (Father Ted himself) and Frank Kelly (Father Jack), who both passed away on February 28, Morgan in 1998 and Kelly in 2016.

Those actors made Ireland’s greatest TV show so re-watchable that many of us have lost count of the times we’ve seen each episode. So much so, in fact, that the dialogue is indelibly engraved in our memories.

But while it’s easy to remember those classics lines, do you also remember who uttered them? Now that’s a little trickier.

Take our Father Ted quote quiz to determine if you deserve a Golden Cleric or if you’re just a mad eejit…

How did you do? Tell us your score in the comments.

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