WATCH: Roy Keane Provided The Best TV Moment Of The World Cup Last Night

Like two auld lads arguing in a pub...

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Emotions were high in England last night as the Three Lions crashed out of the World Cup at the semi-final stage.

As millions slumped into their sofas after the final whistle, the last thing they needed was a brash Irishman telling 'em what's what. ITV must not have gotten this memo, however, as they invited Roy Keane onto their panel of pundits for the occasion alongside proud Englishmen Gary Neville, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon.

As Roy was mid-rant about England fans getting carried away, Ian Wright bravely interjected before it all descended into arguably the greatest minute of TV you'll see all year.

Like everyone else, Neville and Dixon could only sit and watch as Keane and Wright went at it like your dad and your uncle after one too many Christmas sherries.

Check out the chaotic clip below...

The best bit has to be Roy saying "you're a grown man" to Wright on live television. Wright probably needs to work on his Cork accent as well but emotions were high so we'll let him off.

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