Footage Shows RTÉ Reporter 'Showed Off Cleavage' During Filming On Purpose Claims Councillor's Barrister

She was "seen with her button opened" during the interview but she "closed her blouse" afterwards

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This RTÉ Investigates is currently a hot topic of discussion,

It is being claimed by a lawyer for a former Fianna Fail Councillor that a journalist showed too much cleavage in their meeting for the programme.

The Irish Independent reports that Joe Queenan's councillor has accused RTÉ of using manipulative tricks in the investigative programme.

The programme, which aired back in 2015, allegedly showed the councillor offering to act as an intermediary for a wind farm company while wanting an investment for a business he was planing in return.

Queenan's barrister said that footage from the progamme showed the undercover reporter, who went under the fake name of 'Nina Carlson', "with her button opened during her meeting with Mr Queenan" but then closed her blouse "after her meeting".

The senior reporter for RTÉ Investigates says that it would be "offensive" to tell the undercover reporter to unbutton her blouse for work.

A party spokesperson said about the programme at the time that:

"Tonight the Party has accepted the resignation of Cllr Joe Queenan.

"Some of the behaviour displayed in tonight’s programme was shocking and completely unacceptable. The instances where there appear to be clear breaches of the law need to be fully investigated by the Gardaí and prosecutions brought where appropriate.

"Separately, in respect of any allegations that were made against current members of Fianna Fáil, the Party will immediately commence an internal inquiry under the auspices of the Ard Chomhairle to establish the full facts in each instance and will take action as appropriate.

"Fianna Fáil expects the highest standards from its public representatives. There is absolutely no tolerance within the party for any breaches of such standards."

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