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16th Jul 2018

WATCH: RTÉ’s Closing World Cup Montage Would Bring A Tear To Anyone’s Eye

James Fenton

There are a few simple ingredients when it comes to making a decent sporting montage.

Firstly, a healthy amount of heartbreaking moments is required in order for viewers to get that ‘lump in throat’ feeling. Throw in some moments of sublime skill because, ya know, sports, a dollop of humour and a dash of Kodaline and you’ve got yourself a memorable video clip.

RTÉ are a dab hand at the montage business at this stage so they clearly know that the soft rock ballads of North Dublin’s finest would go great with their 2018 World Cup closing package.

Over the past five weeks, football fans have been greeted to countless unforgettable moments in Russia and the national broadcaster brought together all the best bits brilliantly after France’s 4-2 victory over Croatia in the final yesterday.

From Robbie Williams’ unorthodox performance at the opening ceremony, to the madcap antics of Argentine legend Diego Maradona in the stands, all the memories come flooding back in the four-minute clip. And that’s just off the pitch.

Huge moments like Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick against Spain are also covered as well as Lionel Messi carrying the weight of a nation on his shoulders, the huge upsets of Mexico and South Korea over Germany and the frankly comical clips of Brazil’s Neymar rolling around feigning injuries.

Not forgetting England finally winning a penalty shoot-out, Croatia’s incredible run to the final and the heartbreak of Japan who came within an inch of knocking out Belgium in the second round.

Throw in funny moments like Michy Batshuayi hilariously smashing the ball against his own face and Milad Mohammadi’s strange throw-in for Iran, all set to the backdrop of Kodaline’s Follow Your Fire and you’ve got yourself four minutes worth watching.

Check out the clip below and roll on Qatar 2022.

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