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23rd Nov 2017

Stranger Things Monopoly Is A Thing And You Can Get It In Ireland


If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, where have you been?

The Netflix sci-fi series has won praise from critics and legions of fans around the world  – and it’s now popular enough to have its own Monopoly game, apparently!

You can buy Stranger Things Monopoly in Easons for €29.99 (reduced from €39.99). 

Stranger Things Monopoly

Players move around the board buying locations like Mike’s Basement and the Upside Down and building forts and hideouts instead of houses and hotels. 

The Community Chest and Chance cards have also been swapped for Walkie-Talkie and Blinking lights.

The counters are the best part, though – there’s a runner, a TV, a camera and a bike and their spooky Upside Down equivalents. 


The perfect Christmas present for a Stranger Things superfan!

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